Santorini's cartilage

Santorini's cartilage
рожковидный хрящ, санториниев хрящ
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санториниев хрящ

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  • santorini's cartilage — |santə|rēnēz , |sän noun Usage: usually capitalized S Etymology: after Giovanni D. Santorini died 1737? Italian anatomist : corniculate cartilage …   Useful english dictionary

  • cartilage of Santorini — cartilage of San·to·ri·ni .sant ə rē nē n CORNICULATE CARTILAGE G. D. Santorini see DUCT OF SANTORINI …   Medical dictionary

  • Cartilage — Firm, rubbery tissue that cushions bones at joints. A more flexible kind of cartilage connects muscles with bones and makes up other parts of the body, such as the larynx and the outside parts of the ears. * * * A connective tissue characterized… …   Medical dictionary

  • Santorini cartilage etc. — San·to·ri·ni cartilage, etc. (sahn″to reґne) [Giovanni Domenico Santorini, Italian anatomist, 1681–1737] see cartilago corniculata, ductus pancreaticus accessorius, ligamentum cricopharyngeum, musculus risorius, papilla duodeni major,… …   Medical dictionary

  • cartilage of santorini — ˌsantəˈrēnē Usage: usually capitalized S Etymology: after G.D.Santorini died ab1737 Italian physician and anatomist : corniculate cartilage …   Useful english dictionary

  • Santorini — Giandomenico (Giovanni Domenico), Italian anatomist, 1681–1737. See S. canal, S. cartilage, S. major caruncle, S. minor caruncle, S. concha, S. duct, S. fissures, under fissure, S. incisures, under incisure, S. labyrinth, S. muscle, S. tubercle,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Santorini fissures — the two notches in the cartilage of the acoustic meatus; see incisura cartilaginis meatus acustici …   Medical dictionary

  • Giovanni Domenico Santorini — (June 6 1681 May 7, 1737) was an Italian anatomist who received his medical doctorate from Pisa in 1701. He is remembered for his anatomical dissections of the human body.From 1705 until 1728, Santorini performed anatomical demonstrations in… …   Wikipedia

  • Santorini cartilage — cartilago corniculata …   Medical dictionary

  • corniculate cartilage — cor·nic·u·late cartilage kȯr .nik yə lət n either of two small nodules of yellow elastic cartilage articulating with the apex of the arytenoid called also cartilage of Santorini * * * cartilago corniculata …   Medical dictionary

  • duct of Santorini — duct of San·to·ri·ni .sant ə rē nē, .sänt n ACCESSORY PANCREATIC DUCT Santorini Giovanni Domenico (1681 1737) Italian anatomist. A professor of anatomy and medicine at Venice, Santorini published major works on anatomy in 1705 and 1724. In the… …   Medical dictionary

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